“A Mad Tea party” Album Review “The test Drive”

By Jammerzine Kostis Chaveles has released his new album “A Mad Tea Party” which, believe it or not, was recorded in his apartment. What makes that so, so very impressive is that this album has all of the polished slickness that one would expect from a major label endeavor while retaining all of the dirt […]

“A Mad Tea party” Album Review

By Custom Made music Quite an action packed album from Greek musician Kostis Chaveles that mixes cagey rock n roll with atmospheric dynamics. The vibrant sounds of “Marionette” set the pace with it’s mysterious undertones and Chaveles hypnotic vocal stance. The dark guitar sounds and galloping drums on stand out tracks like “Illusion” and “A […]

Mixing “Sick As A Dog”

Smart Audio Services  at Oak Street Studio Productions August 5, 2015 Spent the day reamping and laying tracks on the board for Kostis Chaveles The rough mix sounds gooood! Recording the stereo bus. The mix is done! Kostis thank you for your trust in us

Gear used for Recordings

Smart Audio Services Plus Oak Street Studio Productions July 29, 2015 Demonstrating in real world conditions ! AML ez1073 & 54F50 Bettermaker 502p & 542 MIAD Audio LCPQ 4040 Lindell Audio 7X & PEX TK Audio BC501