Recording “Agony”

Smart Audio Services Plus Oak Street Studio Productions  July 17, 2015 Reamping for Kostis Chaveles upcomming release. Always willing to go the extra mile !!! With our new friend and collaborator Chris Androvitsaneas we spend the whole day experimenting and getting the right tones. We are thrilled with the results !!!

Think outside the box!!

We are all trapped in a box where we can’t breathe any oxygen. We are trapped in ways that have been created and defined by others. Just try to think outside the box and bring your style to everything you make, re-evaluate where you want to be and actually come up with something worth while. […]

My Headache

Pressure in my head. If you suffer like I do, know that you’re not alone. this song is for you.. Original handwritten lyrics “Headache”        

It was only just a dream

I find that I always have very weird and vague dreams while sick. Sometimes they can even be confusing , often negative ones that go on for the whole night… This is a dream that I had a long time ago that still haunts me. Original handwritten lyrics “Sick As A Dog”        

A few words about “Agony”

I think i know how it feels to lose a loved one, and it hurts so much. I couldn’t stop crying and it felt too painfull. I lost and saw dead my dog Zoko. He was more than just a dog to me, he was my very best friend. There were moments I felt so alone but whenever […]

A Look Back At 2014 “Run”

“Run” was inspired by the movie Apocalypto. This song is just about a guy being chased through the jungle by a killer. Finally he gets away and runs because he is scared. Original handwritten lyrics “Run”