A Look Back At 2014 “My Apple Pie”

Absolutely the best apple pie i have ever tasted!! I always associate it with books and music and a fire burning in the fireplace at the end of a long winter’s day!! Original handwritten lyrics “My Apple Pie”        

A Look Back At 2014 “Marionette”

People are marionettes who imagine that they have nervous systems. I wonder how many of us have been both puppet and puppeteer…Some people need to control and some need to be controlled…sadly enough. They each fill the others need. You just want to cut the strings and set them free. But sometimes they don’t want […]

A Look Back At 2014 “Happy Bunny”

So what are the real benefits of being more positive? It encourages listening with a positive emotion in mind, so that our minds will more naturally open up to opportunities or new ideas. Positive thinking can improve our overall health and hapiness, our life!! Filling your head with more positive thoughts can make a huge change to […]

A Look Back At 2014 “Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde”

This is about a woman with double life. While she appears to be confident around family, friends, she is struggling to keep herself together.  I don’t know where she is or what she is doing now but i hope she is okay.. The truth is that everyone has various faces and personalities, depending where we are. I’m […]

A Look Back At 2014 “Cat”

About a lonely girl, who hides behind a smile everyday. She gets allowance for making smile on her face because she is an air hostess. She lives on rent in a small one-room flat. I only met her once…but she left an imprint on my heart.. Original handwritten lyrics “Cat”