A Look Back At 2014 “Bedhead”

i don’t care about what other people say about me because i know who i’m. Trying to please everybody else all the time is exhausting, reclaim your personal worth and learn to not care so much what others think of you. Just be yourself!! Just be Bedhead!! Original handwritten lyrics “Bedhead”      

A Look Back At 2014 “Deep In You”

It was the first song for the album “A Mad Tea Party”. It was recorded on January, 2014. Actually this is the only song i wrote lyrics before melody. At that time i was obsessed with Edgar Allan Poes short stories and poetry. This is about a girl who is deeply in love with a boy […]

A Look Back At 2014 “A Mad Tea Party”

All these crazy characters (from my album) gathered together at the table, having a cup of tea and eating yummy desserts. The song was inspired by Alice in Wonderland (which i love). Original handwritten lyrics “A Mad Tea Party”