Mixing “Sick As A Dog”

Smart Audio Services  at Oak Street Studio Productions August 5, 2015 Spent the day reamping and laying tracks on the board for Kostis Chaveles The rough mix sounds gooood! Recording the stereo bus. The mix is done! Kostis thank you for your trust in us

Gear used for Recordings

Smart Audio Services Plus Oak Street Studio Productions July 29, 2015 Demonstrating in real world conditions ! AML ez1073 & 54F50 Bettermaker 502p & 542 MIAD Audio LCPQ 4040 Lindell Audio 7X & PEX TK Audio BC501

Recording “Agony”

Smart Audio Services Plus Oak Street Studio Productions  July 17, 2015 Reamping for Kostis Chaveles upcomming release. Always willing to go the extra mile !!! With our new friend and collaborator Chris Androvitsaneas we spend the whole day experimenting and getting the right tones. We are thrilled with the results !!!